Monday, January 9, 2017

Alum Creek Running Trails - 56 miles of Fun!

The Trail Running Options around Alum Creek Reservoir are MANY:

  • Multipurpose Trail - Just north of the dam on the east side of the reservoir.  Grassy trail that is often muddy in the spring.  The main trail measures 5.7 miles with a 0.75 mile and a 4 mile shortcuts.  
    • Extra miles
      • You can run the roads south to the dam and get some miles in
      • Across the street are the mountain bike trails

  • Rocks and Roots Trails -  about 13 miles of very nice trails created by dedicated volunteers.   Single track trails that wind along the western edge of the reservoir centered on Hollenbach Road near the marina and dog park.
  • Horseback Trails

    • Hunter's Hollow trail on the east side of the reservoir and south of Howard road.  A bit muddy in the spring.  A windy trail with two loops.  The payoff is a nice overlook near Route 36/37.  The out and back is about 8 miles - more or less depending on whether you do the optional loops. 

    • Winterhawk Trail - This winds along the east side of the reservoir north of Howard Road extending past Hogback Road to Kilborne road and then along the west side of the reservoir back to Howard road and the Horseman's Camp.  The total loop is about 15 miles of mostly single track trails. 

    • "Tunnel" Trail starts at Howard Road on the west side of the reservoir, across from the Horseman's Camp.  This trail extends south and goes UNDER routes 36/37 through a Tunnel (hence the name that I call it).  After that the trail winds along the western edge of the reservoir until it ends in a 3 miles loop that tells you that you can go "Either Way". The total length of this lollypop run is about 14 miles measured from the parking lot on the east side of the dam. 
  • Summary:
    • These trails are a great collection of mostly single track trails
    • Rarely used compared to more popular running venues like Highbanks Metro Park
    • They are a little muddy in the spring but overall very runnable
    • They lack any significant hills and I go to Mohican when i want some real hill work..

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