Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ready Player One (2011) Ernest Cline

Ready Player One (2011)  Ernest Cline

I listened to the excellent audiobook narrated by Wil Wheaton a few years ago and thought a review might be timely since it is slated to be released as a movie in 2018 (I think that is good thing).

It is 2044.   A lot of problems in the world.  People take refuge in a virtual world called Oasis developed by James Halliday.  Halliday is now dead but has left behind clues for people to find and eventually open an “Easter Egg” that will give the finder ownership of Halliday’s fortune.  Wade Watts (avatar – Parzival) like many others around the world is trying to find the keys to the puzzle.  Not surprisingly, he does.  Wade is a good guy and helps his friends navigate the puzzles and it is this generous attitude that enables him to form a group to like mined friends to eventually get to the promised land. 

Cline seems to have a nack for this sort of thing.  See Armada (AKA Last Starfighter)

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