Friday, January 27, 2017

Tar Hollow Trail Run - Part 2 - Getting lost but not knowing it ... yet..

Well,  If you watch carefully you will see that after the fire tower I get off on the Buckeye Trail which has Blue blazes.  I should have been on the Logan Trail Loop - Red Blazes.   In the next two parts you will see me on White trail - Horse trail -  I was literally running in circles.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tar Hollow - Part 1 - Preparing to get lost...

Despite my intention of running the Logan Trail at Tar Hollow as I have done a number of times.  I got off track and ran the Blue Blazes. - which of course is the Buckeye Trail that runs through the park from east to west.  So of course I became lost as night approached.  Look at Part 4 and hear my concern...

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Nathaniel Scott Mauger - Map of ME!

Nathaniel Mauger - Where Am I?

Click HERE to find out

Zaleski and Mohican Trails: Hill Hell or Ohio Trail Runner's Paradise (or Hell)

Ohio Trail Runners Paradise or Hill Hell?  It's Your Call!

I have to say that after years of trail running in Central Ohio there are 2 areas that standout. 

One is the very well known . - Mohican State Park.  Home to the Mohican 100 and Forget The PR 50K.  

Less well known but equally beautiful - and difficult - are the trails at Zaleski State Park located about 15 miles south of Nelsonville, Ohio near the small town of Zaleski (pop. 278).  

They both have many trails (Over 25 miles) and many hills!  They are both about one to one and half hours from Columbus.   There are other places that are terrific - such as Shawnee State Park with it's 40 miles of rugged trails (as well as huge horse flys and timber rattlers....), but Zaleski and Mohican stand out!

Best Trail Running in Central Ohio

Best (Trail) Running in Central Ohio
My Favorite Running Spots

1.     Highbanks Metro Park
When the Pokémon people are not around the park is still fairly busy.  The trails are wide and covered with course sand and very well groomed.  Between the Dripping Rock, Overlook, and the River loops and their associated branches it is about 6.5 miles.  The dog walk trails are flat but less crowded and add another 3+ miles.

2.     Battelle-Darby Creek Metro Park
Very lightly used.   Trails similar to Highbanks.  The main loop from the Cedar area to the Indian area including the Terrace Trail and the Ancient trail is about 6 miles.  A few large hills.  One on the Terrace trail and one coming back to the parking lot up the Cobshell hills.  Add the Little Darby trail and get 3 more miles.  For EXTRA VALUE add the Buffalo trails out to the old horse track (run a few furlongs)  and back for an additional 8.5 miles.  I’ve done all of it in a morning and it is a terrific run.

3.     Slate Run Metro Park
Slate run is less used then either Highbanks or Darby.  There is a small set of trails in the woods and a larger set in open meadows around some pounds (watch out for the geese).   About 8 miles if you do both.  Hills are mild.  Nice change of pace.

4.     Clear Creek Metro Park
Clear creek is one of my favorites.  Hardly used.  Decent hills with some wide paths and some single trace trails.  The Hill up to Cemetery Ridge is a bear.  I usually park at the Fern parking area and run up the fern trail and back down the Hemlock trail.  I take the Creekside trail to the Hill up to Cemetery Ridge.  Then across the Cemetery Ridge Trail to the Chestnut trail.  Once across the Chestnut Trail I run the Tulip and the lake trails then back across the Chestnut trail and down the Fern Trail to my car.  That loop is about 13 miles with 1900 feet of elevation change.  I call it a decent workout.

5.     Alum Creek Multipurpose Trail
Nice change of pace.  Muddy in the spring.  Can be a little “buggy”.  Ticks are around in the spring.  Footing is not great and sometimes the grass is high.  Flat trail.  5.7 miles around the main trail.  There are 2 shortcuts – One 0.75 miles and the other 4 miles.

6.     Alum Creek Horseback Trails (off of Howard Road)
a.     Hunter’s Hollow
Starting off of Howard Road on the East side of the reservoir heading South.  It is  nice single track trail with many ravines.  

b.     Winterhawk Trail Loop
Beginning across Howard Road from the Hunter’s hollow loop and heading North.  It crosses Hogback road at about 3.5 miles and crosses Alum Creek at the town of Kilborne at mile 7.  The trail continues on the west side and is much straighter – only 5 miles back to the Horseman’s Camp at Howard Road.  Total length is about 12 miles.  There are some boggy portions throughout the loop but most especially on the Hogback to Kilbourne section. Some pretty view of ravines and the river / reservoir.

c.      Maple Glen (Tunnel Trail)
Beginning across Howard Road from the Horseman’s Camp and extending south for about 2+ miles and then through the tunnel under routes 36/37.  The single track trail continues until mile 5.5 where it meets a 3 mile loop at the “Either Way” sign. 

7.     Rocks and Roots Trail

At the west side of the reservoir off of Hollenback Road next to the marina and the dog park.  About 12 + miles of mostly single track trails.  No real hills but nice views of the reservoir. 

8.     Prairie Oaks Metro Park
Just west of Columbus and Route 270 off of Route 70 at Route 42.  Turn left to get to Battelle Darby Creek and right to get to Prairie Oaks.  A minimally used park, with a lot going for it.  About 8 ¼ miles of nice trails to run.  From the Coneflower Loops to the Alder Trail and the Tall Grass Trail leading to the Rocky River Trail.  Finally a 2 mile loop around manmade lakes finishing a levy between the lakes and the Big Darby Creek. Wet / Muddy in the spring but nice the rest of the year. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Africa Road, Benjamin Hanby, Alum Creek, and the Underground Rail Road

Most people do not know that north Columbus was part of the Underground Railroad for slaves to escape north from Kentucky to Canada.  They would wade through Alum Creek to lose the scent that dogs would follow.  Benjamin Hanby (author of Up on the Roof Top and My Darling Nellie Gray) used his house for shelter.  North of Hamby house a small settlement of former slaves formed along g a lane latter called Africa Road.

The dam at Alum Creek was created between 1970 and 1974.  It was retrofitted in 1978.  In January 2005 it reached it's highest levels with heavy rain and snow melt - The dam held!

Think about that while you are running the trails!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Snowy Trail Run: Hunter's Hollow at Alum Creek - Part 3

Kevin Wilson to Rehabilitate the OSU Offense: It is tough being Urban Meyer

See this post about this new hire by clicking HERE

Basically, Woody Hayes was right - You Win With PEOPLE.  Mainly people who are either huge, strong, fast, and talented - Hopefully all of the above.  Lacking that, any offense is going to struggle.  When you are playing at the level that Urban has OSU at there needs to be strategy and tradeoffs.  If he decides to emphasize the offense he will dedicate more scholarships to offensive stars and the defense will need to get by with less.  The recruiters will need to make sure each class is stacked from top to bottom.

Hopefully Wilson and Day and will get the offense moving against the best teams.  It is already 2017....

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How I use my GoPro Hero 5 Black to record and compile trail run videos on my MacBook Air

Since getting the GoPro Hero 5 Black as an early Christmas Gift I have been searching for ways to compile videos on my MacBook Air in a simple, time efficient manner.  Here is what I have found:

  1. For trail runs I have found the 740p / 30s setting works the best and gives considerable battery duration - about an hour of use with cold - 10 degree F temperatures.
  2. The Quik program and the to a lesser extent - the GoPro Studio program are memory hungry applications and are continually stopping during video processing.
  3. Quicktime and IMovie have been much easier to use with the storage on my existing computer.
  4. The MicroSD card placed int her adapter is much easier to use then trying to download the files from the camera directly.
  5. The head mount works better than the chest mount in my experience - Too much horizontal movement with the chest mount and my hands are visible.
Check this video out: 

Snowy Trail Run: Hunter's Hollow at Alum Creek - Part 2

Monday, January 9, 2017

Clemson Wins 35-31!!! Last Second winning TD!!

Clemson deserves a Victory Bell for their dramatic win with 1 second left.  One of the best College football games ever.  Third to OSU's win over Michigan in November 2016 and OSU's National Championship in Jan 2003 against Miami.  Both of those were in Double OT.

I predicted a 3 pt Tiger's win 24-21 and came close.

Hat's off to Clemson

Clemson Wins!!! 35-31

What a game!  I predicted a Clemson WIN

Watch the winning touchdown!!

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Alum Creek Running Trails - 56 miles of Fun!

The Trail Running Options around Alum Creek Reservoir are MANY:

  • Multipurpose Trail - Just north of the dam on the east side of the reservoir.  Grassy trail that is often muddy in the spring.  The main trail measures 5.7 miles with a 0.75 mile and a 4 mile shortcuts.  
    • Extra miles
      • You can run the roads south to the dam and get some miles in
      • Across the street are the mountain bike trails

  • Rocks and Roots Trails -  about 13 miles of very nice trails created by dedicated volunteers.   Single track trails that wind along the western edge of the reservoir centered on Hollenbach Road near the marina and dog park.
  • Horseback Trails

    • Hunter's Hollow trail on the east side of the reservoir and south of Howard road.  A bit muddy in the spring.  A windy trail with two loops.  The payoff is a nice overlook near Route 36/37.  The out and back is about 8 miles - more or less depending on whether you do the optional loops. 

    • Winterhawk Trail - This winds along the east side of the reservoir north of Howard Road extending past Hogback Road to Kilborne road and then along the west side of the reservoir back to Howard road and the Horseman's Camp.  The total loop is about 15 miles of mostly single track trails. 

    • "Tunnel" Trail starts at Howard Road on the west side of the reservoir, across from the Horseman's Camp.  This trail extends south and goes UNDER routes 36/37 through a Tunnel (hence the name that I call it).  After that the trail winds along the western edge of the reservoir until it ends in a 3 miles loop that tells you that you can go "Either Way". The total length of this lollypop run is about 14 miles measured from the parking lot on the east side of the dam. 
  • Summary:
    • These trails are a great collection of mostly single track trails
    • Rarely used compared to more popular running venues like Highbanks Metro Park
    • They are a little muddy in the spring but overall very runnable
    • They lack any significant hills and I go to Mohican when i want some real hill work..

Tunnel / Either Way Trail - 14 Cold, Snowy Miles - A dream come true..

For a review of this trail run click HERE

Snowy Trail Run: Hunter's Hollow at Alum Creek - Part 1

Alabama - Clemson Prediction

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