Monday, January 16, 2017

Zaleski and Mohican Trails: Hill Hell or Ohio Trail Runner's Paradise (or Hell)

Ohio Trail Runners Paradise or Hill Hell?  It's Your Call!

I have to say that after years of trail running in Central Ohio there are 2 areas that standout. 

One is the very well known . - Mohican State Park.  Home to the Mohican 100 and Forget The PR 50K.  

Less well known but equally beautiful - and difficult - are the trails at Zaleski State Park located about 15 miles south of Nelsonville, Ohio near the small town of Zaleski (pop. 278).  

They both have many trails (Over 25 miles) and many hills!  They are both about one to one and half hours from Columbus.   There are other places that are terrific - such as Shawnee State Park with it's 40 miles of rugged trails (as well as huge horse flys and timber rattlers....), but Zaleski and Mohican stand out!

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